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About Us

We are 12 CAI students, we sure know what does your child need since we were in there shoes recently.

we are passionate about empowering parents and supporting their children’s growth. Our journey began during the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, when families faced unprecedented disruptions to daily life.

As dedicated students, we recognized the struggles parents encountered while guiding and teaching their children in this new reality.

Popular courses

Our courses vary based on knowledge and skills, so its tailored just to fit your child.

Math multiplication using fingers 
English vocabulary enhancer

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Just navigate to our courses and find the one most suitable for your child.

Fun and engaging courses

fun, easy, simple.

Guaranteed high marks

These courses are specifically designed based on your child knowledge and thinking.

What parents say about the courses

“Our child participated in the Advanced Math and Problem-Solving course, and the results were remarkable! The instructors not only covered challenging math concepts but also taught effective problem-solving techniques. Our child’s confidence and grades improved significantly. Highly recommended!”

Olivia Holmes

“The Science Olympiad Prep course provided our son with hands-on experiments and in-depth knowledge. He not only aced his science exams but also developed critical thinking abilities. The engaging sessions made learning fun, and he now dreams of pursuing a STEM career!”

Julia Moore

“The Creative Writing Workshop was a game-changer for our daughter. She discovered her passion for writing and learned how to express herself eloquently. The personalized feedback from the instructor boosted her writing skills, and she even won a school poetry contest!”

Roberto Lopez

“Enrolling our child in the Study Skills Bootcamp was the best decision. The course taught effective note-taking, time management, and test-taking strategies. Our child’s study habits improved, and the stress during exams reduced significantly. Thank you to the dedicated instructors!”

Maria Anna

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